Hello I am Nekebra Moore, Health & Fitness Strategist.
I am here to help you before you become fully reliant on traditional medicine. It has been clinically proven that a healthy lifestyle can prevent diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease.

What if I told you your medications will work better if they’re working on a healthier body? I’m not anti-conventional medicine, nor do I recommend replacing your medication, however I do think you should look at your health in a more systemic way. I want to see if we can use Food and Fitness to get you to your peak version of yourself before engaging conventional medicine. I’ve worked as a healthcare professional for 18 years, and I’ve discovered that food and fitness plays an integral part in your overall health. Food and fitness can be your 1st line of defense for things that you may not realize are medical concerns. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful that God gave us Doctors and cures, but I want you to be able to show up and give your Doctor all the tools that he needs in order to do his best job. I’ve witnessed prolonged recovery time in patients who have unhealthy habits, compared to significantly shorter recovery times in individuals who live healthy lifestyles. That said, I want to make sure you’re in the best condition to get the results you want in order to be your best.

Let’s start with a simple health strategy and figure out your food and activity. What does that look like? Start with changing your outlook on food by including one green vegetable on our plate for 3 meals a day and at least 30 minutes of activity. Doing the work and staying consistent will make a huge difference.
Here’s my Story

During my pregnancy 7 years ago, I gained 60+ lbs. Four months after my daughter was born, I was diagnosed with Chronic Urticaria and Angioedema, and was one allergic reaction from possibly losing my life. My body started attacking itself. I started breaking out in hives, I had severe facial, lip, and eye swelling, and shortness of breath. I was allergic to EVERYTHING. I was terrified that I would die from being outside, or eating something that could send my system in overdrive. I would have nightmares every night not knowing if I’d wake up because my airway closed. Yes, I went to several doctors for help, however I was allergic to the allergy shots. I had to carry 2 epi pens at all times and load up on medications. When all the medications failed to work, my last resort was to take immunosuppressants. They would keep my body from attacking itself at the cost of lowering my immune response. I felt like, this can’t be it for me. I didn’t know how I was going to get past this! My family needs me! So I prayed and said “What can I do to up my chances of being around?” The answer was clear… Food and Fitness had to be my first line of defense. So I made the decision to take my life back, lose weight, and get healthy internally. That said… my health improved. I no longer had reactions, terrifying nightmares, and was able to feel free. I was determined to live and I did!


8 months after the birth of my daughter.

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